Intel Core i9-12900KF 16Cores/24Threads 12th Gen Processor

Dhs. 2,180.00 Dhs. 2,300.00
  • The processor features Socket LGA-1700 socket for installation on the PCB
  • 30 MB of L3 cache memory provides excellent hit rate in short access time enabling improved system performance
  • 10 nm enables improved performance per watt and micro architecture makes it power-efficient
  • Intel 7 Architecture enables improved performance per watt and micro architecture makes it power-efficient

Revolutionary Performance and Multitasking
Thanks to its high clock rates and the newly developed architecture, you can enjoy the impressive gaming performance of the Intel Core i9-12900KF undisturbed , while secondary applications run seamlessly in the background. In contrast to the otherwise identical Intel Core i9-12900K, this processor does not have an integrated graphics unit .

Intel's powerful hybrid architecture integrates two core families in a single CPU and ensures that everything in your gaming universe runs smoothly. Eight performance cores (P-cores) are designed to perform in single- and light-thread workloads and promote activities such as gaming and productivity.

Eight efficient cores(E-Cores) are optimized for multithreading performance and minimize interruptions from secondary tasks. The Intel Thread Director prioritizes and manages CPU usage and sends tasks to the best core for the task. Both core types can be overclocked separately from each other.

An All-Round Efficient Ecosystem
Alder Lake's processor architecture supports performance-enhancing innovations such as PCI-Express 5.0 and DDR5 memory . An excellent basis for high-performance components such as NVMe SSDs and graphics cards that benefit from higher bandwidths and faster data exchange. The connectivity is also first class: the support of Thunderbolt 4 and Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6 / 6E (Gig +) ensures fast transmission speeds and connections to peripheral devices.