wiwu mate pencil

Dhs. 129.00
1. Small and light design, easy to carry. You can write, draw, mark, etc. anytime, anywhere.
2. The pen tip sensitivity is very high, it can accurately identify the force loaded on the pen tip, so that the handwriting is smooth and clear.
3. The spare nib of POM material can replace the broken refill at any time.
4. There is no pressure change for five consecutive minutes, and it automatically enters sleep mode to save power.
5. A battery of No. 9 can last 240 days.
6. Compatible with Huawei MateBook E 2019 / Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition 10.1 inch / Huawei Tablet M6 10.8 inch device.
7. Aluminum alloy anodizing process, durable, stylish appearance.